Billing Terms, Overdue Invoices & Account Suspensions

In this article we will explain the Billing Terms, Overdue Messages & Account Suspensions.

Once your account is setup, billing is completely automatic. Invoices are generated & sent automatically based on your billing period with overdue accounts triggering automatic suspension.

With this in mind it is strongly recommended that you pay your subscription via credit card & use our auto-pay feature, in doing so will ensure you never experience any service interruptions. 

Billing Period

Goki bills monthly, your billing period will be the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on your go live date. 

Your go live date is established based off when you connected your PMS to Goki or 14 days from receiving hardware, which ever comes first. 


  1. If you go live between 16th - 1st then your billing period will start on the 1st
  2. If you go live between 2nd & 15th then your billing period will start on the 15th


Goki provides an Auto Pay option. Simply select 'Auto Pay' on your invoice then you never need to worry about account suspension.


Account Suspension

Account that reach 60 days overdue will be suspended automatically by the system with no access to Goki during this time.  



The only way to remove a suspension is to pay the outstanding invoices & advising Goki Support.


Goki displays 2 different warnings, if you see these banners please arrange prompt payment to avoid any service interruptions.


Days 1 - 30: The Yellow banner will be displayed on the dashboard. 

Days 31 - 60: The Red warning banner will be displayed. 


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Congratulations, you now know how to ensure your account is never suspended.