Broken PMS Error (MEWS)

In this article, you will learn what does broken PMS error notification means and how to fix it.

Broken PMS

The property gets a Broken PMS error red box notification when the PMS is disabled or integration is deleted from the MEWS Dashboard.

Fix Broken PMS

To fix the broken PMS, click the 'Fix Connection' button on the notification box and it will redirect you to the MEWS page, you need to disconnect and connect again or paste the new key.


PMS is disabled from It's Dashboard 




You should check if the PMS is disabled from the Dashboard, marketplace and enable it.

Follow those steps:

  • Open MEWS Dashboard.
  • Open 'Marketplace' menu.
  • Open 'My Subscriptions' and find your integration name.
  • Click the 'Settings' button.
  • Click the 'Enable' box and 'Save'.





After enable integration from MEWS, you need to update the PMS from the property's Dashboard.


Integration is deleted from the PMS Dashboard


If the integration is deleted from the PMS Dashboard, you need to ask for and add a new one or connect your hostel to the existing integration, (which is yours and you can use) you can see how to connect here.


Congratulations! Now you know what to do when you get the error "Broken PMS".