Cannot See PIN in Reservation

In this article, you will learn what to do when a guest's PIN is missing from their reservation.

Where Do I Find the PIN?

You can find the reservation PIN by searching for a reservation or by opening the guest profile.  (Menu >> Search).



What if I Don't See PIN Code?


If you cannot see any pin code given to a reservation that means:

  1. The guest was not assigned the correct room.
  2. Or the room assigned is not connected to PMS.

    How Do I Fix This?


    1. You can check PMS connection by going to Settings >> Marketplace 

      (To connect to Cloudbeds see here or MEWS see here).

    2. To check if room is mapped correctly do 'Lock Diagnosis' (Instructions).


    Congratulations, you have learned what to do when a Guest's PIN is missing from their reservation.