Cloudbeds Resubscription

In this article we'll go through what resubscription means and when it's necessary for you to re-subscribe to Cloudbeds.

Cloudbeds Resubscription:

As we've mentioned in our temporary article and our live chats with people who had contacted us, Cloudbeds has been going through some minor API changes that caused some problems to our integration function with them. If you're going through problems with Cloudbeds as your PMS resubscription helps you out!


Current workaround towards the issue with Cloudbeds is to re-enter the reservation/room data to the Goki Dashboard. We've capsulized all of that in a single button you can use to re-apply your data to Goki Dashboard from Cloudbeds. Woah!


Steps to Re-subscribe to Cloudbeds:

  • Go to Goki Dashboard.
  • Open the Slide Bar Menu.
  • Go to Marketplace from Settings.
  • Select Cloudbeds from the integrations.
  • If your property is currently connected to Cloudbeds, you should see the blue button named "Re-subscribe".
  • Click on it and it should do the trick!



Make sure you are already connected to Cloudbeds. If not ask the owner of your property to connect to Cloudbeds. Here's a guide on how to.


Congratulations! You've learned how to re-subscribe to Cloudbeds to resolve your possible issues.