Connecting Goki SmartDisc to Goki Room

In this article you will learn how to connect a Goki SmartDisc to your Goki Room.

Once you have installed the Goki Bluetooth module on your lock, there are steps to get the SmartDisc to work.


Note: In order to connect the BT module, you must have created a room in Goki & downloaded Chief, logged in & enabled Bluetooth 

Step 1 - Connecting BT Module to Your Goki Room

  1. Press button on BT Module so blue light is on.
  2. Find the Room you want to connect the SmartDisc BT module to.
  3. Select it & click connect when it turns green.
  4. Enter 4 digit Admin PIN (Secret emergency pin do not share with anyone).
  5. Once the process is complete you can test the unlock function.
  6. Your BT module is connected to your Room! 

SmartDisc BT module to Goki-1


The admin pin will open this door, it's best practice to use the same admin pin throughout the property & not share with any team members. The pin should be used for emergencies only, team members can be given access via the chief app.

Step 2 - Pairing SmartDisc Keypad to the Bluetooth Module

  1. Using the removal tool, remove the SmartDisc from it's mount. 
  2. Using a paperclip press the initialize button on the back of the disc, once it beeps it's ready to be paired.
  3. Open the room on the Chief app.
  4. Select the 3-dot menu on the top right.
  5. Choose Keypads, If Disc is in pairing mode it will be found.
  6. Hit connect & allow to finish pairing.
  7. Replace SmartDisc to mount.
  8. Your Goki SmartDisc is now connected to your lock.


Goki SmartDisc keypad pairing 


The Goki SmartDisc can be mounted on doors or next to doors, this is handy if you have fire rated doors & can not penetrate the door with any screws. 


Congratulations, you now know how to connect the BT module to your lock & pair the Goki keypad to your lock.