Create & Manage Rooms in Goki Dashboard

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage rooms in Goki Dashboard.

What You Can Do With Goki Dashboard

  • Create rooms & beds.
  • Add ordering and floor to the room.
  • Sort the rooms by different conditions.
  • Filter rooms by different conditions.
  • Map rooms & beds.
  • Rename rooms.
  • Delete rooms.
  • Assign Common Areas.

Create & Map Rooms


  • Select the slider pop-out on the left menu bar & select "Rooms".
  • Enter the room number in the search bar or use the drop-down to filter by lock status.



Search & filter are handy when you have a large number of rooms, you can just scroll and select the room you are looking for.


  • Enter your room number in the text bar & select the "Create" button.
  • To map the room to your PMS on the room panel to the right, select the corresponding bed in the PMS drop down & select "Close".



Once rooms are mapped to your PMS, Goki will start receiving all reservations from your PMS.



Add ordering and floor to the room


You can set ordering or floor to the room while creating it or you can add/edit it to already created rooms. 

When you set them then you can sort the rooms by those conditions



Sort rooms


You can sort already created rooms by different conditions:

  • Alphabetical
  • Created At
  • Ordering (If you have already set for all rooms)
  • Floor (If you have already set for all rooms)


Filter the rooms


You can filter the rooms by different conditions:

  • Has Lock
  • No Lock
  • No PMS
  • Low Battery

Filter-the rooms.gif

Create & Map Beds


Create beds by selecting the "Create" button in the bed view.

Create one bed for each bed in your PMS. Select 'Edit' to rename the bed to match your PMS, then map by choosing the corresponding bed in the PMS drop down & select 'Close'.



Hostels using Cloudbeds PMS require beds to be set up. If you use Mews this step is not required.



Rename and delete the room


You can rename the room by opening it and clicking the name

You can remove the room by opening it and click "delete" button from the 3 dot options



Congratulations, you now know and understand how to manage your rooms from the Goki Dashboard. If you require any help please contact support!