How to Create Permissions Groups on Dashboard

In this article you will learn how to create Permissions Groups on Dashboard.

Permission groups help you to manage staff with similar permissions easier. This can be used during the invitation or after to avoid recreating individual permission assignments.

How to Create a Permissions Group


1.Open "Teams" page from the left bar menu.

2. Then select "Groups" and open the page. 

3. Enter the name of the group and select the blue "Create" button. The name of the Permission Group can be edited also. 

4. Manage permissions for each Permission Groups separately by clicking them.



To Delete a Permissions Group


1. You are able to remove the permission group by selecting "3 dots" on the top right corner, and scrolling down to "Remove".



Congratulations, you have learned how to create and delete Permissions Groups. To learn how to add staff for permission groups on this LINK.