Create Reservation on the Goki Dashboard

In this article you will learn how to create a Reservation on Goki & to update the status to Checked-in.

Create a Reservation

1. Select "Reservations" from the left bar menu on The Dashboard.

2. Enter your email address or name & select "Create".

3. In the Reservation panel enter the reservation details & select "Save".

4. Set the reservation state to "Checked In" to enable the E-key & send the Check-in email.



The Available States to Update Guest Status


  • Confirmed: When a reservation is all set and it's ready to be updated to checked in via Goki Check-in system.

  • Checked-In: An active reservation with the guest in-house. 

  • Checked Out: The reservation is expired and the guest has checked out.

  • Canceled: When the reservation is canceled by your property or by your guest.



If you have a PMS connection, this will not be relevant to you. Reservations are automatically added to Goki!


Congratulations you now know how to create a manual Reservation in the Goki Dashboard & change the state to update guest status.