Create Room Mappings Automatically

In this article, you will learn how to import Room and Beds from the MEWS Dashboard.

Importing Rooms and Beds


When you import all beds and rooms which are created on the MEWS dashboard, they will be automatically mapped to the PMS. Also, you won't need to create them and map manually.

For importing follow those steps:

  • Open Property's Dashboard.
  • Open 'Settings' Menu.
  • Open 'Marketplace' Menu.
  • Click the 'Settings' button below the MEWS box.
  • Click the 'Import and Connect' button.



After following those steps you can check on the 'Rooms' section from the slide bar menu. They will be imported and mapped to the PMS.



Congratulations! Now you know how to import beds and rooms from the PMS and don't do it manually.