Display Reservation Bed Number on Dashboard, Goki App & Emails

In this article you will learn how to display Bed Numbers on the Goki Dashboard, Goki App & Goki Emails.

Note: If you do not need to tell guests which bed they use, then this step is not required, only complete if you direct guests to sleep in a specific bed in the dorm room. 

Visit Rooms Menu



Create or Select and Mapp Your Room


To create a room enter the Room Number in the text field & select "Create" or if your Room exists select it from the list of Rooms.



Create & Map Beds


  1. Select the blue "Create" button and create the correct amount of beds.

  2. Select "Edit" for each bed & change the Bed Number to match your PMS.

  3. Map the bed to your PMS using the Mapping dropdown.

  4. Select "Save & Close".

  5. Complete for all beds in your dorm rooms.  


Creating & Mapping beds is for dorm rooms only, no need to complete this for private rooms.



 Displaying Beds on the Dashboard


 Guest beds will be displayed both on the Search & Profile Pages on the Goki Dashboard.


bed on reservation cardbed on traveler profile 

Displaying Beds in Guest Emails


Guests receive their check-in email which displays the Room & Bed Number.


bed in email  

Displaying Beds on the Goki App


 The Bed Number is visible to guests next to the dates of their Reservation.


bed number in goki app 

Congratulations, you now know how to surface Bed Numbers for staff & guests to see in Goki.