Re-generate Guest E-key From Goki Dashboard

In this article, you will learn steps to generate Guest E-key from Goki Dashboard.

When the guest cannot access the door with E-key, you can re-generate it for the guest from the Dashboard.



  • You can re-generate E-key from the Dashboard if the guest has a verified Goki account and Goki app.
  • If the Guest has an account but not the Goki app, please contact our support team and they will help you to re-generate the E-key.

To Re-generate a New E-key


1. Open Property Dashboard, from the left bar menu, click "Search".

2. Search the guest by e-mail or reservation number.

3. Open Guest profile by selecting their full name.

4. On the top right corner beside reservation dates, select 3 dots and select "Regenerate e-key".

A new E-key will be regenerated and you will get the notification "E-key regenerated successfully!". The guest will then be open the door with Goki App. 



Congratulations, you have learned how to successfully re-generate another E-key from Dashboard.