When you create a new property, your user account becomes the owner of that property by default. Each property can have only one owner.

This ownership can be transferred to other users after they are added to your property. Once you transfer the ownership you cannot take it back unless the other user transfers it to you.


Each property can have multiple admins. Admins have all the permissions in the system and you cannot limit their access.


The staff has no permission by default. You need to manually assign permissions or use permission groups to let them access different sections in the Gboard and Spaces app (you can read more about permissions here).

Change a User Types

Caution: This feature is only available to the owner and admins. Admins cannot make themselves an owner.

  • Go to Teams

  • Click on a user

  • On the details page, click on the menu from the 3 dots option

  • You have the option to change the role (based on the user's existing role).

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