• Goki releases updates & features daily, larger features are released at the end of our 2-week Sprints & Epics (game changers) are released monthly.

  • Check out Goki Feature Board! Do you have a feature request? Contact the support team and we will set you up!


  • Spaces Application Release: Good old Chief app in a new suit! A fully reworked design is now released. We've also introduced new features on the Spaces app. Update your old Chief app to find out more!

  • Claim Your Reservation With a Single Tap: All Goki guests can claim their reservations from their welcome emails! Whenever a property finds your booking you can confirm your booking right away!

  • Improved Stay Extension: The new experimental feature allows you to charge for stay extensions directly via chat. Please note you need to turn on your experimental features for this.

  • Find Bookings Easier: A special panel added to the Goki app regarding finding bookings. Much easier now!

  • We Appreciate Your Feedback! Following your feedback and reports, we've improved the Autopilot system. We've also improved our API; Resolving issues with SmartLock time adjustments.

We're Improving

  • Autopilot system: We seek to improve our Autopilot system even more.

  • Goki Website: Goki Dashboard and Goki website are going to get some fresh new updates on them soon!


You may not see some features in Dashboard. If something is missing please ask your owner/admin to enable the permissions on your account.

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