• Goki releases updates & features daily, larger features are released at the end of our 2-week Sprints & Epics (game changers) are released monthly.

  • Check out Goki Feature Board! Do you have a feature request? Contact the support team and we will set you up!


  • Never Miss a Booking! Property staff members with reservation edit permission can now extend check-in dates for any reservation for a day.

  • Scheduled Messages: Property staff can now send scheduled messages, on specific dates and with specific conditions to guests. Autopilot grows stronger!

  • Passage Mode: You can now put Goki Smart Locks on Passage Mode via the Spaces app; setting the lock offline for a period of time so the door is open to anyone. Especially useful for gates and front doors.

  • Improved Generated Emails: For group reservations, only a single email is sent to the main booker now instead of emails being sent to all the guests.

  • Improved Email Templates: All Goki emails are now visually improved, common area PIN visibility improved and the templates are reworked completely, this also applies to Autopilot emails.

  • Room Sorting on Spaces: Room sorting and filtering is also available on Goki Spaces.

  • Minor Improvements & Bugfixes.

We're Currently Working On

  • Dashboard Optimization: We're looking to improve Dashboard loading time and visual traits.

  • New Features: As always we're working on new features, your feedback makes a world of difference.


You may not see some features in Dashboard. If something is missing please ask your owner/admin to enable the permissions on your account.

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