• Goki releases updates & features daily, larger features are released at the end of our 2-week Sprints & Epics (game changers) are released monthly.

  • Check out Goki Feature Board! Do you have a feature request? Contact the support team and we will set you up!


  • Trial State is Now Live: If you're just getting started, your property status will be updated to Trial. In trial mode, you can try Goki for free for a period of time.

  • Skip PMS Checking: Staff with Marketplace permission can now toggle "Skip PMS Checking" to bypass the room status checking by PMS. We understand the absence of this feature had caused some problems in the past.

  • Design Updates & Improvements: Various design improvements have been implemented on Goki Dashboard reservation drawers and the Goki app. Sleeker looks!

  • Goki Spaces Messaging: Staff can now reply to messages and chat with the guests using Goki Spaces.

We're Currently Working On

  • Automated Invoices: We're aware of issues and frustrations with the current payments and subscription system. A fully automated payment system is expected to be released by the end of this month.

  • Messaging: We're also working on brand new features in the messaging area! These new features will specifically help guests and properties with better communications and more efficient engagement.

  • GokiAir & Remote Control: Brand new features are expected to be released by the end of May to aid you to control your property from far away!


You may not see some features in Dashboard. If something is missing please ask your owner/admin to enable the permissions on your account.

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