If you are experiencing problems with the SmartLock, Hard Reset is like restarting it. It fixes some problems and helps you to connect or disconnect the SmartLock to the Room. You can find the Hard Reset Button behind the front Smartlock's Pad, It is a little Button, which beeps when you press on it.


Make sure you double-check with the Goki support team before proceeding to hard reset your Smartlock.


  • The SmartLock has to be Disassembled.

  • Do not insert a PIN in the back of the disc to reset.

  • Do not swap discs between Smartlocks.

Steps to Reset the SmartLock

  1. Find a Little button inside the SmartLock.

  2. Press it until it stops beeping.

  3. Now that your Smartlock has been hard reset, you can reconnect to Goki using the Spaces App.


If the SmartLock is mapped to another room, You will need to disconnect it first.

How to Disconnect the SmartLock from the Room? You can find it here!


If you're still experiencing problems please contact Goki Support.

Hard Reset SmartLock - Quick Version

Hard Reset SmartLock - Full Version

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