On the 1st of every month, we calculate the transactions collected by Goki to pay the properties and that is called payout. Payouts that need to be paid by Goki are shown in the Accounting >> Payouts on your property's G-board.

Important Information

You need to set up the bank account details on your Property's Gboard so the money will be transferred into that account. From the settings menu, open Accounting >> Overview >> Set up Bank Account under the How to Receive section and save it.

Payments Procedure

  • Payouts will be transferred by the end of the month to your bank account.

  • If dates fall on a weekend or public holiday, the next business date becomes the date.

  • All payouts are automatically converted and paid in AUD.


Transactions are subject to Stripe+Goki processing fees including MasterCard & visa interchange rates. The total fee is 1.5%.


Once you charge the guests for extending their stay or any other services provided by a property will be listed in the transactions section. You are able to check all the transactions details from the Accounting > Transaction section on your property's G-board.

You can also see current or previous month transactions or the transactions from the last 90 days, this year or last year by filtering them or search by the keyword (ex. travelers name).


  • You must have Accounting permission for checking the Accounting section.

  • For charging guests you should have Experimental Features enabled.

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