Goki App is the space for travelers, from where you can manage and monitor your reservations, chat with the property staff, participate in activities, chat with nearby travelers, access your room with a SmartKey, etc. You can also log out from your Goki account or delete your account. If you want to remove your account from the Goki app, follow the steps below.

Steps to Delete Your Goki Account

  • Open your Goki App.

  • Open the left side menu by pressing your account picture.

  • Find the "Security" button and tap on it.

  • Press "Delete Account".

  • Press "Delete Account" again two more times, if you are sure you want to remove it, and your account will be deleted.


  • With this action, you permanently remove all your data.

  • Please, choose carefully before proceeding, as some actions can not be undone.


  • Keeping your account will make check-in easier at your next stay.

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