In order to do payouts for the properties, we need 2 options:

  • International Bank Transfer

  • Bank Transfer (Only Australia)


What we have done currently is the “Bank Transfer (Only Australia)”.

You can choose the type first via the dropdown and then we show the rest of the form.

  1. International transfer Form/Preview
    You need to choose the 7 fields provided (as we need to do international transfer).

    1. Payee Information:

      1. Payee Name (Receiver's name)

      2. Payee Address

      3. Account Number (Receiver's address)

    2. Bank Details:

      1. Bank Name

      2. Branch

      3. Swift Code

      4. Address

  2. Bank Transfer Form/Preview:
    Once you choose Australia, you need to fill 3 fields to do the payment.

    1. Bank Name

    2. Branch Number

    3. Account Number


  • All the collected info can be edited.

  • All of them are mandatory and needed to do the bank transfer.

  • If there is no card or a card with insufficient funds or an expired card, you will be notified to fix it in order to autopay invoice.

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