• Goki releases updates & features daily; larger features are released at the end of our 2-week Sprints & Epics (game changers) are released monthly.

  • Check out Goki Feature Board! Do you have a feature request? Contact the support team, and we will set you up!


  1. Dashboard Search Design: Improved the Search section design. The cards are now more orderly and more OCD-Friendly!

  2. Offline Spaces App: Spaces app can now be used without an internet connection. You can even generate PINs, but the PINs will be activated after the connection is established.

  3. Spaces App - Nearby Section Rework: "Nearby Section" is now renamed to "Quick Access". Furthermore, you can now see devices in your GokiAir proximity and just like the Rooms section, you can mark the rooms.

  4. Generate Access Before Arrival: You can now Generate Access prior to arrival via Autopilot.

  5. Invoices Autopay: All property owners can now opt-in for the Autopay feature, this way, you can pay all your invoices automatically.

We're Currently Working On:

  1. Notifications Improvements: Everyone hates excessive notifications and spam. We're currently working on notification customizations for the Spaces app.

  2. Better Autopay: We're not done with the Autopay feature. There's still room for improvement and there's more to Autopay!

  3. Shorter PINs: We understand the frustration with PINs being too long for Goki Travellers. We expect this global issue to be fully resolved by the end of the month.


You may not see some features in Dashboard. If something is missing, please ask your owner/admin to enable the permissions on your account.

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