You can create a payable link to let your guests pay for anything.

Created payment links can be shared via email, chat message, QR code, or others.

Guests can click on the Payable Link or scan a QR Code to pay for Payable Items.


  • This feature is available for every account type: New, Trial, Approved.

  • This feature is available for team members with Payment permissions only.

Steps to Create a Payment Link Manually

  1. Open Gboard.

  2. Find the Accounting section from the left side menu bar.

  3. Press the "Goki Pay" button.

  4. In the "Payable Item" section, create a new payable option by typing the Items name in the search box.

  5. Fill in the information: title (mandatory), description (optional), price (mandatory), expiration date (optional).

  6. Press the "Save" button to list under the "Payable Item" section.


  • Once the guest pays with the help of the link result will be in the "Payments" section on Gboard; payable item detail related to each link.

    • Gboard > Accounting > Goki Pay > Payable Items > Choose the link & check the "Payments" tab.

  • Also, You can access the list of all paid items from the "Payments" tab, next to the "Payable Item" section.

  • You can open a Guest profile by pressing on the avatar in the "Payment" list.

  • You can enable or disable each link by Pressing the "Inactivate/Activate" button from the three-dot section.

  • Items on Goki Pay/Payments are linked to the details.


  • The payments which are failed to be paid will not include in this list.

  • If the payment is refunded in the Paid by section, it will be removed from this list, but you can see the paid & refunded in the Payment tab.

  • The same preview of the payable link which is sent to the guests is available on the Gboard/users Conversation drawer too. So you will be noticed about the title & price hereafter you sent it as a conversation to the guest too.

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