• The GokiAir working distance is 10 meters, which depends on your walls and floors setup.

  • Generally, you need one per corridor or one per smoke alarm.

GokiAir doesn't find devices

Once the GokiAir is connected and ready, it will detect nearby Goki devices. Devices will be listed in 3 minutes. If GokiAir doesn't see any or a few Locks:

  • Check the GokiAir device, the light on it should be blue.

  • If it has a red light, it's not set up or connected to the server, so you will need to disconnect and reconnect GokiAir again.

  • Also, do any action via GokiAir for the devices, which are not found, so you'll get the list of those: Unlocking the lock or just entering a PIN may cause it to be detected faster as the lock will send logs.

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