Connecting Cloudbeds to Goki

We have integrations with Cloudbeds PMS in order to automate check-in process and generate keys and PINs.

Goki Signup

  1. Visit the Goki Dashboard.
  2. Enter your details & click "Create".
  3. Choose your Hostel Name & Dashboard Sub domain then click "Create".
  4. Check your email & confirm by clicking the "Verify Email" Button.


Join goki-1

Connecting Goki to Cloudbeds for the First Time

  1. Login to your Goki Dashboard.
  2. Visit Settings > Marketplace.

  3. Click on "Enable" on Cloudbeds PMS.

  4. Now click "Connect to Cloudbeds"

  5. If not logged into Cloudbeds - You will be redirected to cloudbeds website which you need to log in using cloudbeds credentials.

  6. If logged into Cloudbeds - Confirm the permissions that will be granted to Goki & click "Authorize".

  7. You will be redirected to Goki automatically and see Goki is connected to Cloudbeds.

  8. Enable "Forward check-in details" to send Guest details that are gathered in Goki to Cloudbeds.

Connect to Cloudbeds


  • Get rooms list from Cloudbeds.
  • Get reservation updates from Cloudbeds.
  • Automate check-in process.
  • Generate keys & PINs on check-in.
  • Inform travelers on their reservation updates.


  • Reservations extensions requested in Goki must be manually actioned in Cloudbeds.
  • Folios with balances can not be checked in, folio must be settled in Cloudbeds first.
  • Goki message payments are not connected to Cloudbeds & need to be reconciled/added to Cloudbeds manually.

How to Disconnect Cloudbeds

  1. Login to your Goki Dashboard.
  2. Visit Settings > Marketplace.

  3. Click on "Enable" on Cloudbeds PMS.

  4. Now click "Disconnect".

Disconnect Cloudbeds


You can also disconnect from Cloudbeds interface at any time.

Goki Support

  1. Ask Goki Bot and question & see the related Goki Guide.
  2. Ask Goki bot to speak to a human & chat with Goki support via Live Chat.
  3. Send an Email to Goki Support.


  1. How to get Goki Hardware.
    1. Visit Goki website & complete the Get a Quote form
  2. How to create & manage rooms in Goki.
    1. Manage rooms & mapping from the rooms menu
  3. How do I connect Goki Rooms to Locks?
    1. Use Spaces app to connect Rooms to Locks
  4. How do I re-sync a booking.
    1. Bookings can be re-synced from Goki, click the re-sync icon


Got more questions? Contact Goki Support


Congratulations, you know now how to connect & disconnect Goki to Cloudbeds.