Enable Property's Terms and Conditions With Tablet Check-in

In this article, you will learn how to accept the Property's Terms & Conditions during tablet check-in.


If we don't accept property's terms and conditions we are unable to check-in to the hostel while using a tablet.

1. Confirmation Code

Enter your confirmation number under "Your reservation code".


enter confirmation code for tab check-in-1

2. Last Name

Enter and confirm the last name used in creating the booking.


enter the last name for tab ckeck in-1

3. Booker Information

Fill your information, read through, and accept  "I agree with hostels Terms and conditions". There are 2 ways to accept the Hostel's T&Cs;

4. Accept Terms and Conditions

When there is a checkbox you are able to read terms and conditions by clicking the underlined Terms & Conditions button and for accepting you should tick the box.


T&C with checkbox for tab checkin-1


Accept Terms and Conditions With Signature

When there is a checkbox you are able to read terms and conditions by selecting the "Terms & Conditions" button and fill in your complete full name as registered with your booking.


Enter the invalid name for signature T&C during tab check-in-1 


After you enter your correct name which you mentioned during booking you will be able to continue.


T&C with signature for tab check-in-1


Congratulation, after your details, have been entered and the Terms & Conditions accepted you are successfully checked-in!