Feed Section in Goki App

In this article you will find more information on the Feed feature and how to best navigate the Feed.

Lock & Unlock Your Room Using E-keys

  1. To lock the room you are checked-in: Select the Goki icon on 'Feed', and select "Lock".

  2. To open the door: turn on the Bluetooth (If you don't, the app will let you know!) and this will open the door.



Chat to the Hostel

  1. Check out information about the property you are staying in by selecting the property icon. 

  2. Chatting with the property by selecting 'Chat icon' on the feed or "Say Hello" after opening.




Goki is an interactive, social app! Guests can meet other checked-in guests through the 'Chat' function and also by attending 'Suggested activities' of the property.  

Chat with Checked-in Guests

  1. Check to see all the guests who stay in the same property by selecting '+'.

  2. Chat with other checked-in guests staying at the same property by selecting 'Send message'.



Find out About Cool Activities

  1. To see all the property Activities available, select 'Suggested Activities' and 'View more' to see all suggestions.  

  2. To attend or sign for an Activity select '+' on the Feed or "Attend" after opening the Activity information page. 




Congratulations, you have learned more information on the Feed; how to use E-Keys, chat to the property, chat to checked-in guests, and find out about cool Activities.