Generate Random PIN From Your Dashboard

In this article, you will learn how to generate a Random PIN via the Goki Dashboard.

The property can generate a random PIN for an individual guest room via the Goki Dashboard. This random PIN is intended for a situation when a guest's PIN and E-key may not be working.

Random PIN From the Rooms Menu


1. Select the "Rooms" from the left bar menu on the property's' dashboard.

2. Select the room number to bring up additional items. 

4. Select "PINS", on the right of the page.

5. Enter the start date & the end date, and select "Generate". 

6. At the bottom of the screen, the manually generated PIN will appear.




  • If there are issues with the PINs, run the diagnosis tool via Chief app on the affected lock. Here is the Diagnosis guide.
  • Random Pins created from your property's Dashboard and are active from 00:00 of the start date till check-out time of the end date.


Congratulations, you have learned how to generate a custom PIN from the Goki Dashboard.