Goki Check-in is not Updating MEWS

In this article, you will learn what you should do to get updates between Goki Check-in and MEWS.

Goki Check-in


When the guests check-in by tablet/web, MEWS doesn't get updates for them. 

Enable Forwarding Check-in Details for MEWS


If you want to replace MEWS main guest details with collected information on the check-in tablet, you should turn on the 'Forward Check-in' option. Follow those steps:

  • Open property's Dashboard.
  • Open 'Settings' menu.
  • Open 'Marketplace' menu.
  • Click the 'Settings' button below MEWS Box.
  • Toggle 'Forward Check-in Details' button.



Check-in Data will only be pushed to MEWS if the rooms are mapped. If not mapped no data will be synced. Learn how to add rooms and map to your PMS.

Currently, Goki check-in can only update the main guest.



Congratulations, you now know how to Update Check-in Data into MEWS PMS.