Invoices on the Goki Dashboard

In this article, you will learn where to find Invoices and details about them on the Goki Dashboard.

Steps to find Invoices in Goki dashboard


  • Select "Accounting" from slide menu bar.


In the "Accounting" section you can check your Balance, Transactions, Payment Methods, and Invoices.

  • Choose "Invoices".
  • If you have more than one Invoice you can see it's details by clicking on the one you are interested in.





If you overdue the payment deadline in front of the Invoice name It shows you a red sign "Overdue" and also on the Goki Dashboard Warning box: "Your account is -- days overdue, please pay your subscription to avoid interruption. Contact support".





Congratulations you now know where to find Invoices in the Goki dashboard and how to see its details.