Goki Pay - Payouts / Invoice Requirements

In this article, you will learn the Goki Pay Procedure & how to be paid for any transactions processed by Goki.


Goki Payments are OPTIONAL, you can disable this by disabling Experimental Features in the Customization page in Goki

Goki Pay Procedure

Goki Message/Extension payments are available on the dashboard. All transactions are processed by Goki’s stripe account. 

Check-in payments is a feature in the pipeline with no known delivery timeline. 


  1. Goki pays properties once monthly
  2. The property must submit an invoice by the 5th to support@goki.travel
  3. Payouts are paid on the 10th for the previous month
  4. Invoices submitted after 5th will need to wait till next payment run on the 10th of the following month



If dates fall on a weekend or public holiday, the next business date becomes the payout date.



Invoices will be reconciled & approved by the Goki Support Team & passed onto the accounts team for processing.

Invoice Requirements

Goki Invoice template can be downloaded, export CV of transactions from Goki & use this template


  1. Transactions are subject to Stripe processing fees including MasterCard & Visa interchange fees.
  2. Transactions are subject to Goki processing fee. The fees are automatically calculated automatically (1.5% transaction fee per payment) and will be shown within a maximum delay of 3 days.


Fees on the Dashboard are not shown & invoices will be adjusted manually by the accounts team, your payout will be the Invoice excluding the fee.

Goki dev team will fix the fees in the coming updates. 


Payments are currently an experimental feature, you need to be opted-in for experimental features to gain access to payments. Payments features are ongoing massive changes and will be improved on every single Dashboard update.


Congratulations, you now know about Goki payments procedure.