How to Add Staff to Permissions Groups on Dashboard?

In this article, you will learn steps to add staff to the Permissions Group.

Permission groups help to simplify the process of managing staff with similar permissions.

Add Staff to Permissions Group


1. Select the "Teams" icon on the left slide bar menu on the Dashboard.

2. Select "Groups", and then again from the scroll down options, then select "Members".

3. Add staff members by entering their first name or email, then select "Add". New users or staff can be added to the Permissions Group at the time of Invitation also. 




  • Permissions take effect immediately on servers and resources.
  • The changes on Dashboard or UI will only show up after the page is reloaded or the next login. 

Remove Staff From Permissions Group 


1. You are able to remove the staff from the permission group by selecting "Remove" next to their name.



Congratulations, you have learned how to add and remove staff from the Permissions Group.