How to Connect a Goki Tag to a SmartLock

In this article we'll be covering how to connect a Goki Tag to a Goki SmartLock.

Steps to Connect a Goki Tag to a SmartLock


  • Open your Spaces app.
  • Open the slide bar menu.
  • Select "Goki Tags".
  • Select the "+" button and wait for the app to look for your nearby SmartLock(s).
  • Tap on the SmartLock you want to assign the Goki Tag to, hold the Goki Wristband Tag against the SmartLock screen until the data is read.
  • You can now also choose a name for your Tag.


If you name a Tag and connect the same Tag to another SmartLock the name will still be the same. This way you can assign a single Tag to unlimited SmartLocks so you can use it as a master-key.



Each SmartLock supports up to 10 Goki Tags, for this reason we recommend using Goki Tags for management only. Here's more information on Goki Tags.


Congratulations! You now know how to set-up your Goki Tags.