How to Connect Rooms to a Lock

In this article, you will learn how to connect rooms to locks via Spaces app.

Connect Locks


There is one way to connect the rooms to locks through the Spaces app. You need to be registered and have a property member account in the Spaces app.



Make sure you have the Bluetooth on and the 'Lock screen' is on! If it's not you will get the error and won't be able to connect the lock to the room.

Connect Rooms to a Lock Through Spaces App


1. Open the Spaces app and log in to your property's account.

2. Select the room you wish to connect to the lock.

3. If the lock screen is not on, you will be notified to touch the lock screen to turn it on.

4. While connecting the lockset the admin. 



When the lock is connected to the room it will show the lock icon on the room in the Spaces app.



Congratulations, you have learned how to connect locks to your rooms and enable open doors via Goki apps!