How to Create Activities

In this article, you will learn how to Create Activities for guests.

How to Create Activities

1. From the left menu bar, select "Activities".

2.  Enter the name of the activity in the search bar and select the blue "Create" or "+" button.

3. Fill in the necessary event or activity details. Enter the date for the activity and mark its frequency.

4. Enter the price for the activity and the maximum quantity of attendees.

5. Fill in the description of the activity and add the location. You can type the location or use the property address which will then show up on the map.

6. Upload the activity picture(s) and select "Publish". 


create an activityyyy



  • Ensure images are square shape formatted in; png, jpg, or jpeg format, and less than 1MB size.
  • If you have multiple pictures you are able to set one as the main picture. You are also able to delete any uploaded pictures.


Set the default and remove images for activity


For the activity that is repetitive, you can set an end date, so the activity will not repeat after the last occurrence and become archived.


Congratulations, you have learned how to create and publish an event on Activities.