How to Create City to-dos From the Dashboard

In this article, you will learn how to create city to-dos for Guests.


It's a good idea to  have different city To-dos for every day of the week.

Creating to-do's


Open the left bar menu, select the "Activities" button, then select "(your city) Suggestions".

Enter the name in the text field and select "Create".



Filling Information


Select the best months to do the activity, and select if it's free or paid.

Set the author of the suggestion and add a unique & interesting description.



  • All fields are required before you can publish City Suggestions.
  • Content must be unique & written by you. Copywriting laws prevent you from taking content from other sources and using them.


Address and Images


Type the exact address that the to-do is located or starts at. The address will be shown on the map and can be opened in the Goki app.



  • Images must be square-shaped, less than 1mb in size & in either png, jpg, jpeg format.
  • To get the best results it is very important to have high-quality images. The optimal image size is 1080 x 1080 pixels.



Congratulations, you have learned how to publish city "to-dos" from Goki Dashboard.