How to Create and Manage Task Cards on the Dashboard.

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage Task Cards on the Dashboard.


To create or manage Task Cards, staff members need to have Kanban Permissions.

Create Task Cards



  • Staff can create Task Cards for managing hostel tasks on the homepage as Kanban Cards.
  • These cards have a summary, priority, and due date.


Steps to Create Task Cards:

  • Open Goki Dashboard.
  • Press the "+ New Card" button, below the "Todo" Kanban column on the Homepage.

  • The "+ New Card" button will be changed as an input button and it will be ready to type the summery.
  • After typing the summary press Enter on your keyboard or click anywhere out of the Task Card, and the Task Card will be saved.


Manage Task Cards



You can manage Task Cards as Kanban Cards, for more information you can use Kanban Card's Guide.


Steps to View, Fill, and Edit Task Card's Information:

  • Press on "Open Edit" sign at the right corner of the box while creating New Task Card, or after creating it, press on the Task Card.
  • Then the Task Card information window will pop up, where you can view, fill, or edit any of the information.  



  • Summary is the only mandatory field, so without it, you can not create Task Cards.
  • Limitation of summary: you can not type more than 160 characters.
  • When the due date of a task is passed, it is shown in red.


Congratulations, you have learned what Task Cards are and how to create and manage them on the Dashboard.