How to Delete/Disable an Automation

In this article, you will learn how to delete or disable an Automation.


Keep in mind that deleting Automations from certain events will put their status on default, the default behavior will occur when the event is triggered.

How to Disable Automation or Delete it


  • Open the Automation section from the slide bar menu on the Goki Dashboard.
  • Under each Automation card, there is a toggle from where you can disable it, so the guests won't receive emails; Or enable it, so guests will receive emails.
  • Also, each Automation card has a 3-dot section, but it is not shown until you hover at the top of the right corner of the card, so you can press it and then press the "Delete" button.



The difference between deleting and disabling an Automation is: when you delete an Automation it'll be omitted from the website forever but if you disable an Automation the Automation card will still be archived on your Property's Dashboard.



  • When you try to disable Automation, it gives you a warning sign: "Are you sure? You are removing the Automation".
  • When you try to Delete Automation, It gives you a warning sign: "Deleting this Automation will stop sending g welcome emails on a new reservation. Are you sure?"


Congratulations! You now know how to disable and/or delete an Automation.