Icons on Guest Profiles

In this article, you will learn how to identify reservation status from Guest Profiles.

While searching reservation by e-mail or confirmation number there are 6 color icons you can find on the Guest card to indicate how far along in the Guest check-in process;

  1. No icon.
  2. Grey clock icon.
  3. Green tick icon.
  4. Green icon.
  5. White icon
  6. Black & white icon.  

No Icon

No icon indicates the Guest Reservation is complete. 



Grey Clock Icon


Grey clock icon indicates Guest Reservation is confirmed by the guest but not checked-in.



Green Tick Icon


Green tick icon indicates the Guest is already checked-in, reservation is active.




While opening the guest profile you are able to see all reservations which are active and reservation history. 

Blue Icon

Blue icon indicates the Guest Reservation is active.



White Icon


White icon indicates the Guest Reservation is complete. 



Black and White Icon


Black & white icon indicates Guest Reservation was confirmed by the guest.


black and white 

Congratulations, you have learned how to read Guest reservation status from the colored icon options.