Introducing Autopilot

In this article, you will learn how to put your property on autopilot & automate engagement with your guests.


Using "Autopilot" you can customize the processes in a unified pattern.

  • These templates can be used to create Automation.

  • Default Automation will be created in the event of the property's creation.
  • There is no limit on how many times you can use a template.

  • There is no limit if a user creates the exact same automation 2 times.


There are 6 Events (in the Beta Version), for Which you can Use Autopilot:

  • A Reservation is Created
    1. Send email "Welcome" (default)
    2. Send Mailchimp email (as an additional function)
  • A Reservation's Date is Changed
    1. Send email "Date Changed" (default)
  • A Reservation is Checked-in
    1. Generate access (default)
  • Access is Generated
    1. Send email "Checked-in" (default)
    2. Send notification "Checked-in" (default)
    3. Send Mailchimp email
  • Access is Changed
    1. Send email "Access Changed" (default)
    2. Send Mailchimp email
  • Shoutout is Created
    1. Send email "Shoutout" 
    2. Send notification "Shoutout" (default)


We recommend finishing your Property setup (adding locks, setting up PMS, etc.) before using and adding any Automations. Otherwise spamming issues might happen. Contact support if there's any issue.

How to Manage Automation


  • Open the Goki Dashboard and go to the slide bar menu.
  • Click "Automation".
  • Open any of the 6 cards to initiate a new automation.
  • Once you open the automation, you can choose when what triggers (when) result in what action (then) or you can add conditions. For example, (when) a reservation is created (then) "send email" (default)/ "send notification"(default)/"send Mailchimp email".
  • Press "Save Automation" or it won't be initiated.


  • In the "Reservation is Checked-in" action "Generate access" is default and you can not choose any other, if this one is working traveler will get the "Access is Generated" action's emails, they are connected to each other.
  • "Send email" is the default action, so you can choose it in any event.
  • "Send notifications" is only available in "Access is generated" and "Shoutout is Created" events.
  • "Send Mailchimp email" as an additional function, in "A Reservation is Created", "Access is Generated" and "Access is Changed" events.


How to Create a New Automation

  • Open the Goki Dashboard.
  • Press the "Automation" section from the slide bar menu.
  • Press the blue button  "+ New Reservation" at the top of the right corner.
  • Choose the event on the "When" graph, then action in the "Then" graph, and press "Save Automation".



As of March 2021 you can also schedule your messages to be sent on specific days/hours only.




If you create the same Automation cards, for example, "When the reservation is created" =>> send email "Welcome", the guest will get one email, not multiple emails.


Congratulations! 🎊

You have learned how to put your property on autopilot & automate how you engage with your guests.