Introduction to Goki Tags

In this article you'll learn what a Goki Tag is, it's usages and how to set it up.

Brand New Product!


Goki Tag is a brand new product, it's basically a wristband that opens Goki SmartLocks without touching a thing! All you have to do is to assign your Tags to a SmartLock and you can use it anytime you wish!



Each Goki SmartLock supports up to 10 Goki Tags. We recommend using Goki Tags for housekeeping and emergencies.



Goki Tags are compatible with Goki SmartLocks, however if you've got any MiFare cards, you can also set them up using the Spaces app. For more information on how to connect Goki Tags to Goki SmartLocks click here.


Goki Tags are only compatible with Goki SmartLocks. If you're using a Goki SmartDisc you should consider getting a master-key.


Goki Tags Set-up:


To set up your Goki Tags, you can contact sales, but before that you should also keep in mind that Goki Tags are only available for Goki SmartLocks, and also make sure you're fully aware of it's features and it's usages before making your purchase. 

After receiving your Goki Tags, you can connect them to your locks (each lock connects to up to 10 Tags), here's an article on how to connect your Tags to your SmartLocks.



Goki Tags can also be disconnected and reconnected at any time. So no worries if you make a mistake! Here's a guide on how to disconnect a Tag from a SmartLock.


Congratulations! You now know about Goki Tags and it's usages.