Kanban Cards

In this article, you will learn what is a Kanban card and how to Customize/Filter/Assign them.

Kanban cards are tasks that pop up on your Dashboard when a request is created by a guest.



As a staff, you will receive a Kanban card in the 'To Do' column. For example, James Smith wants to extend his stay at the property.

Kanban Customization


You can move the Kanban card in different rows according to its status. You are able to add columns and edit the name of them. Also, you are able to delete any row by clicking the "Remove" button from the 3 dots on the top right side.



Kanban Assignment


Kanban cards can be assigned to any staff member within the property. You can assign Kanban cards to the staff by selecting "+" and selecting the staff member(s). 



Archive Kanban Cards


You can archive Kanban cards by selecting the "Archive" icon on the top right side. Kanban cards in the column "Done" will be automatically archived after 7 days.




Congratulations, you have learned what is a Kanban card and how to Customize, Filter, Assign and search guest's requests.