Lock/Disc is Not Working or Opening

In this article, we will go through lock diagnosis. If you have a problem with a lock or PIN, this is the first step required to understand what is wrong.

Reasons for Locks Not Working

There are many reasons why a lock may not be working to list a few; flat battery, programming issues, incorrect date/time, hardware failure, etc.. 

To understand what the problem is & to fix any problems you should run the 'Diagnosis' function.



To diagnose the lock you will need the Chief app & to be in front of the door. The diagnosis should not take more than 30 seconds!

Running Diagnosis

1. Open the Chief app on your device from the rooms tab, scroll to find the room, or use the search function. 

2. Select the room & then select the "3 dots" menu button at the top right.

3. On the following screen select "Diagnosis".

4. Touch the keypad to ensure it is powered up and select "Run Diagnosis" on Chief.

5. Goki will run through a number of checks & will alert you on any fixes required. At the end of the diagnosis select "Next".  

6. Answer the next few questions & hit "Next". the Chief app will now send the logs to the support team.





If the problem is still not resolved, please contact support via email or live chat. Let us know your: property's name, room number, what is happening & if you have run the diagnosis tool already. 


Congratulations, you have learned how to run Lock Diagnostics and send feedback to the support team.