Allow MEWS Paymaster Reservations to Check-in Regardless of Account Balance

In this article, you will learn how to allow agent Bookings/Paymasters Reservations to Check-in regardless of Account Balance.

Companies & Travel Agencies

When a reservation has a Travel Agency attached & the Travel Agency is an on-account/paymaster & the guest has nothing to pay, the guest should not be prevented from using Goki Check-In.

Mark Companies & Travel Agencies in Goki


To enable Goki to allow the Check-in to proceed, you need to mark the Company/Travel Agency in Goki.

  • From the left bar menu open 'Settings' options
  • Open 'Marketplace' menu.
  • Click the 'Settings' button on the MEWS integration.
  • Search Travel Agencies & click to select. Complete this for all Travel Agencies.


Only mark Travel Agencies that you will invoice for payment such as Website Travel or Flight Centre.

Be careful not to mark Travel Agencies that have a balance to pay such as Hostelworld.



Congratulations! Now you know how to enable Companies & Travel Agency reservations to check-in regardless of their account balance.