New Employee Dashboard Tutorial

In this article, you will learn main functions of the Dashboard as a new employee.


Kanban is the Goki main screen. The Kanban consists of columns with actionable tiles that require action. You will find guest sentiment, lock errors, extension requests, and other items to be actioned.



Use the search function to find guests by their name or email address. If a guest has a Goki profile you can open up their profile & see reservations, chat history, and PINs.




A ShoutOut is your marketing tool, write a catchy 200 character message and send to all guests.




Your direct line to your in house guests. Guests can message to ask to extend, make a request, or advise you of anything. 




Tell your guests what is happening by creating an event, this could be welcome drinks, travel talks, city tours, or nightly activities in your bar.


Congratulations, you have learned a quick introduction to the Dashboard as a new employee to the platform.