PIN or E-key Doesn't Work

In this article, you will learn about E-keys & locks and why they may not be working.


If the PIN or E-key is not working, run through the following steps.


1. Make sure the PIN or E-key is for the correct lock and room. You may have connected a different lock to the room during the setup process.

2. Make sure the timezone is correct on the Dashboard.



If you want get the PIN to work at any time on check-in day, you need to set it the time to 00:00.


3. Make sure the check-in and check-out time is set properly. If you generate a PIN prior to check-in time it will not work until check-in time.


check in check out


4. Use your Chief app to make a diagnosis for each room, where the PIN doesn't work. You can see the steps here.

5. Sometimes there are some updates from PMS, but we don't have them in Goki. So when we search for a guest we can click on the "Pull from PMS" button to get the updates. 




6. Use the Dashboard for re-generating E-key if it doesn't work for the guest. You can see the steps here. 

7. Use the Dashboard to re-generate PIN if the guest has the Goki app. You can see the steps here. If the guest doesn't have Goki app, please contact support team.


Congratulations, you have learned how to fix E-key or locks if they are not working.