Goki Professional Services.. Onboarding, Consulting & Training

In this article we discuss the professional services Goki offers.


Goki is a self service platform, every aspect of the platform has been documented & you can resolve issues without further support. 

Self Service 

Goki has a well documented Knowledge base, every aspect of the Dashboard has been documented & Goki is a self service platform. 

Onboarding checklists are provided to each property signing up to Goki as part of the implementation email. 

Goki provides multiple support channels all included in your subscription

  1. Goki Guide - Knowledge Base with 150+ articles on Goki.
  2. Goki Bot - Ask any question & Goki Bot will find the relevant Guide.
  3. Goki Live Chat - Goki Bot offers you to speak to a human if it can not help.
  4. 24 hour access to Goki Support by email.

Professional Services - Optional

Goki can provide an Onboarding Session & Phone Consulting and/or training. These services are optional and are for clients who wish to be led through the processes personally. 

Onboarding Session


The onboarding session consists of 2 x 1 hour Zoom meetings, up to 3 attendees can attend the call. Calls will be recorded & shared with you for future reference & to share with team members.

Call 1: 

    • Overview of Goki & Feature Demonstration.
    • Explanation of Support Channels.
    • Run Through of the Onboarding Check-list.
    • Provide List of Tasks to be Completed Prior to Call 2.

    Call 2:

      • Review Tasks & Ensure all Complete.
      • Check Dashboard Content.
      • Check Rooms & Room Mappings.
      • Assist With Check-in Email Link.
      • Discuss Go Live Marketing.


    Onboarding Sessions are optional and only required if you want to be led through the process.

    Consulting / Training: 

    COST $150USD per hour, billable in 30 minute increments.


    If you require further training or phone support from our team members, this is not included in your subscription & is billable time which will be invoiced.



    Email support, Knowledge base, Goki Bot, Goki Live chat are all included in your subscription.


    Congratulations, you now know how to find the support you need & understand what Optional Professional Services we offer.