Release - 2nd March 2021

The latest and the greatest feature releases from the Goki team.


  • Goki releases updates & features daily, larger features are released at the end of our 2-week Sprints & Epics (game changers) are released monthly.
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1. Improved Activities

  • End Date: You can now add end date to repeatable activities. More information in notes here.
  • Export Activity Attendees: Property staff with right permissions can now export current & previous activity attendees. More information here.

2. More Sorting Options for Rooms on Dashboard

  • Sort Rooms: Rooms can now be sorted by alphabetical, created date, ordering or floor so it is viewed differently. More information here.
  • Filter Rooms: Rooms can now be filtered by locks conditions in the rooms listing. More information here.
  • Floor & Ordering: Those values can now be set, added, or edited for each room in the room listings. More information here.

3. Has Smart Lock Condition for Automation

  1. In Autopilot, for reservation conditions, you should be able to check if the reservation room has a SmartLock or not. You can set:
  • Parameter hasSmartLock()
  • Operator equal
  • Values true | false

When you set hasSmartLock() as true, the user should get the email only if a lock is installed on the reservation’s room.

Goki app 


1. Delete Notifications: Any notifications can now be deleted by the user

2. Common Area PIN: Common area PINs visibility improvement on corresponding Emails.


We are currently working on:


1. Group booking emails

2. Email templates



  • You may not see some features in Dashboard. If something is missing please ask your owner/admin to enable the permissions on your account.