Reservation Capacity is Full

In this article you will understand the error message "Reservation capacity is full!" and how to resolve the issue.

Why is This Happening?

If a reservation is taken or claimed by another Guest we show an error message "Reservation capacity is full!".

In Goki we stop users from taking each other's reservations.




If you check and it was taken by the wrong user, you can use the Goki Dashboard to remove the existing user and let the new user claim it using their Goki app.

How Do I Resolve it?

1. Use the Goki Dashboard to search and find the reservation via the reservation code or master booker email.

2. Select the user's name on the reservation to see their profile.

3. On the guest's profile, select the "Reservation list", select the guests' icon to see current guests on the reservation.

4. Remove the unwanted guest(s) from the reservation.

5. Now ask the guest on the Goki app > Settings > Find Reservation to claim the reservation.



Congratulations, you have learned when check-in is taken by the wrong user on how to resolve the issue.