View ID/Passport/DL Pictures

In this article, you will learn where to check guests ID/passport or DL uploaded pictures.

Viewing ID Images


ID images can be viewed on the Guest profile in Goki, simply open the guests profile & select "Check-in Info" from the reservation.




ID images are encrypted & stored for 30 days post-checkout inline with GDPR requirements.
If you enable the GDPR extension then IDs will be kept for the additional 30 days. 
Encrypted image links are sent to PMS.


Download Check-in Data


Choose any date and download guests data who checked-in those dates. In that data, you will see the link of Licenses.

  • Open property's dashboard
  • Open 'Settings' Menu
  • Open 'Reports' Menu
  • Choose the dates and click the 'Download CSV' button below the 'download check-in information' title


Congratulations! Now you know where to see the pictures of ID/DL/Passport!