Step 1 - Connecting Goki Dashboard to MEWS - (MEWS)

In this article, you will learn how to enable the Goki app in Mews, generate a token. Then connect Goki & Mew using the token.

Before we begin, please ensure you are logged into both the Goki Dashboard & MEWS!

Generate Access Token

1. Open MEWS & select "Menu" & select "Marketplace".

2. From the "Categories" menu select "Guest Technology". 

3. Scroll down & look for Tipi (this will be re-branded to Goki shortly) & select "See More".

4. Now select the blue "Connect" button.

If successful you will be presented with a "Success" message, select the green "OK" button. 

5. Find the Tipi integration under the "My Subscriptions" tab & select the blue "Settings" button.

6. To access your token, select the "Key" icon located top right corner of the page. 

7. Highlight & copy the token (Ctrl-C or right-click copy).



Access token must be copied as it is. If you copy with space the token will not work. 



Connect to Goki With the Access Token

1. In a new browser tab open Goki Dashboard.

2. Select "Settings". The 'Settings cog' can be found on the vertical menu ribbon on the left of the page.

3. Once the settings page reloads select "Marketplace".

4. Select the blue "Get Started" button on the Mews tile.

5. Paste (Ctrl-V or right-click & select paste) the "Access Token" retrieved from Mews & select "Save". You should see 'successfully connected' notification! 





Congratulations, you're all set here & ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Downloading & installing 'Hostel Chief'.