Step 3 - Installation & setup of Check-in Kiosk App (Android) - (GuestPoint)

In this article, you will learn how to install & authenticate the Check-in Kiosk App on Samsung Tab A.


Currently, the kiosk app is only available on Android. You will need to download Goki Spaces App onto a mobile device. 

Download, Install and Authenticate Check-in Kiosk


1. Head to the Google Play store & search "Hostel Kiosk".

2. Select "Download". 



3. "Open" Goki Travel. 

4. You will be prompted to "Allow Check-in to take pictures & record video", select "Allow". 

5. The App will start & take you to a QR scanner. The QR scanner is the log-on function for your Hostel. Open up Hostel Chief on your mobile device. Select "Settings" using the bottom right settings cog. You can see the link here.

6. Scroll down and select "Generate Login Code".  

7. Finally hold the tablet camera over your mobile device & scan the QR code.


                 kiosk qr code


That's it, you've now completed this step & are closer to an automated check-in process! Congratulations, All done. You're kicking goals!

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